Frequently Asked Questions

What other things do I need to consider?

Domain Purchasing – we can help you find the best domain
Exclusive fast web hosting – host it yourself or allow us to do this for you. SSL Certificates are required for Google and your Clients to Trust your website.

What is a Plugin?

The reason why WordPress is so popular is that of the number of features that are available to your standard site. These features are called plugins, and they expand the functionality of your WordPress site.

Will my site be secure?

Our systems are built from the ground up and equipped with SSL certificates, ensuring the shop’s foundations are set for performance and security. Our team completes security checks before handing your site over.

WordPress Theme Customisation?

Not every theme you see on WordPress is suitable for your particular Industry. We had spent years sorting through the best and we customise it to fit your needs.

Whats a Static Website?

Static Websites contain web pages with fixed content. They are the most basic type of website and are what most people go for. Static websites work very well for small or large companies, who understand the KISS principle. (keep it simple stupid)

eCommerce Sites

Once it’s complete then what?
We take our clients success very serious so provided in every package is a 2hr training component that guides and provides you the ability to manage your new online shop yourself. Buy from us and we will be there to walk you through it.

Yes, but there are too many services to list – let us know what you need help with most and we can start there.

YEP! we are with you every step of the way when needed.

Simple answer YES – unfortunately if you want a flow of leads from google search you need SEO experts to optimise your Website so you get found.  You are who Google thinks you are.

Simple answer NO – but we have alot of examples of #1 Rankings.

Every business is different, so we will need to check you out and go from there. We do recommend picking one and be active there until your ready to step things up.

Social Media Marketing never-ends and is why so many businesses today are engaging with social media consultants to take care of it for them.